MozgásMentor is an innovative, open minded private practice for physiotherapy, Shiatsu and massage in Győr-Nádorváros. Clients are welcomed to a pleasant environment, where expert hands are ready to solve their musculoskeletal complaints.


szolgaltatasok_logo “Classical” physiotherapy

The main aim of the classical physiotherapy is to promote rehabilitation with the help of exercise therapy. It improves and keeps joint trajectory, muscle strength and endurance. On the flip side it solves the already formed contracture (adhesion), helps to rehearse and gives useful advices to correct and improve movement patterns needed for daily life activities. Highlights the fact that in this sedentary world where we are living, for any problem arose is not the rest should be the solution, but applying appropriate therapy is the right way to recovery.

About us

Ádám Szalma
the”MozgásMentor”, physiotherapist

Adam has 11 years experience in physiotherapy, which he has acquired both in Hungary and in Austria. He worked as well as in public-hospitals and in private-institues. After 10 years, he thought, it was the right time to start his own praxis that is being led very open-minded and holistic.

"MozgásMentor - The art of healing"



Ádám Szalma (self-employed)
+43 650 5343 268
Obere Hauptstraße 24, A7121 Weiden am See